Yana Alana @ Carnival Day!!!

Yana Alana will be helping kick off Frolic Carnival Day. Be there early to see her or miss out! Details on Carnival Day here.

Queen of queer cabaret and determined to never be a national treasure; Yana Alana is a multi award-winning, neo-punk, cabaret anarchist. 

Yana Alana

Yana Alana will be performing at Frolic Carnival Day – don’t miss her!

Yana Alana and The Paranas offer a celebration of difference in a world obsessed with bland cookie-cutter celebrity.

‘I’m Not A Role Model. I’m A Model With Rolls’ Yana Alana

The alter ego of Sarah Ward, Yana is a self-obsessed, tragic and heroic femme-drag clown, a champion for the disenfranchised with a voice scaling from a Bassey-sized belt to an operatic soprano.

Born in Melbourne’s queer and alternative clubs Yana has become a Helpmann Award-winning Australian Cabaret Icon. Alongside her all-female band The Paranas (Bec Matthews MD/drummer and Louise Goh pianist) and Director Anni Davey they have 11 Green Room Awards (Melbourne’s Premiere Arts Awards).





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Why Frolic is different…

Why Frolic is different…