Sarah Frolic Volunteer
Frolic Volunteer Sarah enjoying a coffee

Meet Sarah, one of our Frolic Volunteers

Volunteers are so important to our festival. Without our Frolic volunteers, we have no festival. But who are our volunteers? What do they do? Well, meet Sarah, one of our Ballarat volunteers in our first Frolic profile.

Sarah helps out with our sponsorship, marketing and promotions working group, has performed at our events in the past (will do so again in 2019!), and is an all-round legend.

Sarah enjoying a coffee in cafe

Preferred first name: Sarah
Pronouns: she/her
How do you identify? Lesbian
Describe yourself in 25 words or less: I’m a music teacher and singer. I love travel (and coming home again), food, reading (especially historical queer fiction), cocktails and cats.
How did you become involved in Frolic? Some friends (who happen to be committee members) talked me into it.
What attracted you to becoming involved? Free tickets and flattery.
What do you love about Frolic? The variety of events on offer. The focus on community building.
What do you hope for Frolic’s future? That it continues to provide opportunities for the LGBTIQA+ peeps in the Ballarat region to form connections and grow a strong community.
Favourite past event and why: Bush Dance 2017. Catching the bus out to Donegan’s Farm was a bit of an adventure. I felt warmly welcomed by Frolic Festival volunteers. The dances were really fun and I met some awesome people who I ended up becoming great friends with.
What are you looking forward to most at this year’s festival? Our first ever Carnival Day.
Pitch a fantasy event for Frolic in the future: A treasure hunt.
Outside of Frolic, what are you most passionate about? Giving kids opportunities to learn music.
Tell us about your relationship with Ballarat: Moved here from Melbourne in 2004 for cheaper property. Stayed because Ballarat keeps getting better.
What do you love about Ballarat? It’s small enough that it’s an easy place to live, but big enough to keep me entertained. The food scene keeps getting better and better and there are more festivals popping up every year. I love that I never have to travel for more than 10 minutes to catch up with friends.


Thanks so much Sarah for sharing your story! Part of connecting the community is getting to know and celebrating its individual members and we’re so happy you were the first cab off the rank. We’ll continue to share the stories of our Frolic Ballarat volunteers in further updates!

Have you ever thought about getting involved in Frolic Festival as a volunteer? More info here:


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