Volunteering with Frolic

Without our Frolic volunteers, we have no festival.

Ballarat Frolic Festival values the role of volunteers as essential to the organisation.  Frolic volunteers are respected for their skills, talents and contribution.

We aim to maximise volunteer's potential by creating opportunities to utilise volunteer’s talents and abilities, while supporting them to develop social connections.

We aim to match volunteer’s interests and skills with suitable roles and opportunities to develop the festival, but also highly value the ‘hands on’ contribution of volunteers at our events, which is an essential part of running our festival.

As a volunteer, you will be supported in your role by the Committee of Management, who will aim to provide incentives to our volunteer base to show our ongoing appreciation for all contributions of time, energy and talent.

As far as practical, we aim to provide a safe and healthy work space, within a fun and vibrant environment. We have a no tolerance approach to any issues of bullying, discrimination, sexism, racism, homophobia or transphobia. All volunteers can expect to be treated with respect.

Want to become a volunteer?

If you're interested in volunteering please complete the form here and we'll be in touch.

If you have any questions email volunteer@frolicfestival.org and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Meet some of our volunteers

Read the volunteer profiles below to find out what our volunteers do with us and a little about them.

Drag King Frolic Volunteer

Meet Evelyn, a new Frolic volunteer

Frolic Volunteer Profile - Evelyn Evelyn is a recent arrival to Ballarat and we're so glad she chose Ballarat when deciding to escape Brisbane (though we understand it's been quite the adjustment temperature-wise!). Already jumping in to help out as a Frolic volunteer you may have met her during the...
Benjamin Ashe

Benjamin Ashe is our Festival Director – say hi!

Meet Ben/Benji/Benjamin Ashe, the next volunteer we're profiling as part of our Frolic Festival profiles. Ben is one of the founders of the Frolic Festival, the Festival Director, and sits on our Committee of Management. Benjamin is pictured on the right, with Mel on the left...
Sarah Frolic Volunteer

Meet Sarah, one of our Frolic Volunteers

Volunteers are so important to our festival. Without our Frolic volunteers, we have no festival. But who are our volunteers? What do they do? Well, meet Sarah, one of our Ballarat volunteers in our first Frolic profile. Sarah helps out with our sponsorship, marketing and promotions working group, has performed...