Introducing the wonderful Sarah!

Sarah is a talented artist and Ballarat local who got involved with Frolic after entering the Art Show last year (she also took out the Frolic Committee Art Prize!). Sarah is working with Renee to help coordinate our wonderful volunteers during the festival and is also part of the Art Show working group this year.
Read our interview with her below.

Sarah on a rock… somewhere definitely not in Ballarat.

Preferred first name: Sarah
Pronouns: She, her
How do you identify? Bi/queer
Describe yourself in 25 words or less: A Tasmanian-born, FNQ-raised easygoing femmo lefty intellectual with terrific hair who mainlines Earl Grey, adores dressing up, and believes that mostly Things Just Work Out.
Outside of Frolic, what are you most passionate about? Art, storytelling, connection and feminism. I’m an artist/copywriter/academic/PhD student. I’m working (slowly!) on a creative feminist fairy tale project through Deakin University.
How did you become involved in Frolic? I entered the art show last year, then became a volunteer earlier this year.
Why are you involved in Frolic? I think it’s important to be as visibly queer as possible, if you safely can. Especially in regional areas. I want to show my kids difference is possible and should be celebrated. I absolutely have a “gay agenda”, in my own quiet way: to disrupt damaging gendered hetero-normative social conventions at every opportunity! But I also got involved because Frolic is super fun and I like having a good time.
What do you love about Frolic? The amazing friends I’ve made.
What do you hope for Frolic’s future? Bigger and better, onward and upward!
Favourite past event and why: Kids bush dance last year. It was so freakin cute. Also I’m really into cowboy boots.
What are you looking forward to most at this year’s festival? There’s so much on! The art show, the bush dance, carnival day. Mostly I’m looking forward to Ballarat being a bit more rainbow for a week.
Pitch a fantasy event for Frolic in the future: Horseriding with wine. Or a costume party. Or! A queer Kryal Castle costume rave party WITH horses AND wine!!
Tell us about your relationship with Ballarat: Borderline evangelical. I’ve lived here for eight years. It’s the best, and I spend a lot of time trying to convince other people to move here.
What do you love about Ballarat? How beautiful it is, everywhere you look. And the seasons. And my crew of beloved human beings.



Thanks so much Sarah for sharing your story! Part of connecting the local LGBTIQA+ community is getting to know and celebrating its individual members. We’ll continue to share the stories of our volunteers in further updates!

Have you ever thought about getting involved in Frolic Festival as a volunteer? More info here:


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