Meet the other Jay in our next Frolic Volunteer profile!

Jay is the next volunteer we are profiling as part of our Frolic Festival profiles. No, you’re not seeing a double post! This is the OTHER Jay that volunteers with Frolic.
Jay joined the Frolic Volunteers just before last year’s festival and is on our Art Show Working Group. Read our interview with her below.

Jay in her steam punk look at Frolic Cabaret during Ballarat Winter Festival.

Preferred first name: Jay
Pronouns: She, her
How do you identify? Lesbian
Describe yourself in 25 words or less: A crazy creative being! I love meeting people, spontaneous adventures and helping out wherever I can.
Outside of Frolic, what are you most passionate about? Art! Creating awesome things with phenomenal people is what my world thrives on.
How did you become involved in Frolic? I was lucky enough to have moved over from WA just in time to help out with Frolic in 2018.
Why are you involved in Frolic? To meet, create, and have fun with people in our community!
What do you love about Frolic? The variety of people and the stories everyone brings.
What do you hope for Frolic’s future? For the festival to grow and continue to allow a safe space for those who need it.
Favourite past event and why: The Cabaret nights! They just blow me away every time with acts, courage of performers and being able to help bring them to life for everyone.
What are you looking forward to most at this year’s festival? Performing my very first Drag King act!
Pitch a fantasy event for Frolic in the future: UV Party!
Tell us about your relationship with Ballarat: I was born in Ballarat and have finally moved back from WA after 7 years.
What do you love about Ballarat? The buildings and little quirks that hide around the city.


Thanks so much Jay for sharing your story! Part of connecting the local LGBTIQA+ community is getting to know and celebrating its individual members. We’ll continue to share the stories of our volunteers in further updates!

Have you ever thought about getting involved in Frolic Festival as a volunteer? More info here: https://frolicfestival.org/volunteer/


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