Volunteer Max
Max never fails to bring the party.

Meet Max, Frolic volunteer

Frolic Volunteer Profile – Max

Max (and Maxene!) are an absolute delight and unmissable whether down the street, at an event, or in a parade. Max joined us earlier this year after attending one of our Frolic Volunteer information sessions. Always an ideas man, he keeps us on our toes with the grandiose ideas he has for Frolic. It’s been so great to have Max involved.

Get to know Max a little bit more by reading his interview below!

Volunteer Max in drag

Volunteer Max in one of his legendary drag outfits!

Preferred first name: Max (or Dame Maxene)
Pronouns: He/Him (Dame)
How do you identify on the LGBTIQA+ spectrum? Gay (drag queen)

Describe yourself in 25 words or less:
Max is like our rainbow: black – mindful; brown – grounded; red – passionate; orange – fruity; yellow – bright; green – earthy; blue – uncontained; purple – spiritual

How did you become involved in Frolic?
Attended one of the Frolic Volunteers information sessions earlier this year.

What attracted you to becoming involved?
I liked the Frolic Ball and I’m community minded (editors note: Max also had an incredible outfit for the Ball too!)

What do you love about Frolic?
It’s in Ballarat!

What do you hope for Frolic’s future?
More community involvement.

What are you looking forward to most at this year’s festival?
The Carnival Day will be a real highlight with what we have been planning.

Outside of Frolic, what are you most passionate about?
My metropolitan community church in Melbourne, lawn bowls, and my crocheting.

Tell us about your relationship with Ballarat:
I have been here approximately 4 years. I have lived up and down the East coast of Australia, spending 20+ years in Central Queensland (when it was illegal to be a homosexual in QLD), where I became one of the elders of our community. I was even awarded an Oscar from Queens Ball for “Best Individual Costume”; and the “Julia Potts Award” for Glbtiq+ Community Service.

What do you love about Ballarat?
I like the historical atmosphere and ambiance it has. It is also close enough to Melbourne for regular commutes.

If you want to volunteer with Frolic Festival visit: https://frolicfestival.org/volunteer/


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