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Jay Morrison Frolic
Jay up very, very early heading to a breakfast Joy FM interview (wearing his Frolic t-shirt - of course)

Meet Jay in our next Frolic Volunteer profile!

Jay is the next volunteer we are profiling as part of our Frolic Festival profiles. Jay joined Frolic the beginning of last year and sits on our Committee of Management. Read our interview with him below.
Jay Morrison Joy FM

Jay with Tom and Warren from JoyFM

Preferred first name: Jay
Pronouns: He, his
How do you identify? Gay and queer
Your role: Director of Media and Communications
What does that involve? I manage our social media, update our website, do our Frolic emails (which you can sign up to here), write media releases, get our posters and programs done etc. Really, I do my best to make sure that people hear about Frolic and engage with us!
Describe yourself in 25 words or less: Tall, queer, passionate, sardonic, idealistic, messy, organised, loud, introverted, fastidious, relaxed, unionist, collaborative, constantly trying to achieve good things in the world and better myself.
Outside of Frolic, what are you most passionate about? I’m passionate about social justice, politics, and building community. When I’m not taking myself so seriously I also love music, board games, and spending time with my beautiful fiancé.
How did you become involved in Frolic? I was at a dinner party hosted by Ben the Festival Director not long after I moved here so I could meet people in Ballarat. I met a heap of new friends and kind of got strong armed into getting involved.
Why are you involved in Frolic? I really believe in building community. I believe we’re stronger together. I also believe that things don’t get done unless people turn up and do the work. So I’m turning up to do the work. Meeting life long friends has been a bonus.
What do you love about Frolic? I like that we work hard to be open and welcoming to everyone that comes along to our events. I’m not usually an outgoing person but have introduced myself to a few random people at Frolic and never been disappointed with the new connections I’ve made. Try it next time you come to one of our events, you won’t be disappointed either.
What do you hope for Frolic’s future? I’d love to see it grow into a key event in the LGBTIQA+ calendar in Victoria with people coming from all over to attend the weekend but I also hope it retains the accessible, intimate and friendly vibe it has. Also, there’s still so many LGBTIQA+ people in Ballarat that still haven’t heard of Frolic so I hope it keeps connecting that community locally and the community really get behind it!
Favourite past event and why: Last year’s Trivia Night was pretty amazing. My table may have got carried away in the singing battle rounds – whether it was scream singing to a few too many songs that we lost our voices or crashing the stage with dance moves to Like A Prayer – it was a lot of fun. Oh, and I got two of the three Who Am I? questions. Bit nervous about this year – there’s a lot of expectations on my shoulders from team mates now!
What are you looking forward to most at this year’s festival? I’m really, super pumped for [CENSORED – you’ll need to wait for the program to be released soon!], it’s going to be SO much fun and something a little different for Ballarat. I also love that it’s an event that appeals to a wide age range. If my grandma lived in Ballarat, I’d definitely bring her.
Pitch a fantasy event for Frolic in the future: Ummmm… a massive treasure hunt around Ballarat. Or a lip sync competition. Or maybe a warehouse party that recreates the old Melbourne Q&A vibe (with me on the decks playing some classic 90s tunes or in the middle of the dance floor). Oh, and DJ lessons. A DJ lessons workshop would be great!
Tell us about your relationship with Ballarat: I bought a house and moved here almost two years ago. I chose Ballarat as I grew up in Gippsland and was craving the country life but wanted to be close to Melbourne so I could still commute to work.
What do you love about Ballarat? Ballarat has it all – the small community vibe but also everything you could need right here. I’ve met so many amazing people here that have made it home… but does it have to be so bloody cold?!


Thanks so much Jay for sharing your story! Part of connecting the local LGBTIQA+ community is getting to know and celebrating its individual members. We’ll continue to share the stories of our volunteers in further updates!

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