Frolic supports local rainbow families

‘As people’s sense of community grows bigger, people have more confidence to then be visible and be themselves within Ballarat… I think [Frolic] just makes people feel proud, supported, and like they’re not alone…’ – Renee

‘[W]e think it’s really important that the community is recognised and celebrated in regional Victoria. We are so committed to reducing social isolation and bringing the community on board through events that cater to people from all walks of life.’ – Fleur

Check out this online piece about local rainbow families in The Courier by journalist Hayley Elg and get behind Frolic by having a look at the program and booking your tickets today here.

You can also read a slightly different print version of the article below.



Art Show pictures

2020 Art Show Call Out

Frolic Festival Logo in rainbow banner

Covid-19 and the 2020 festival

Why Frolic is different…

Why Frolic is different…