Frolic Cabaret Performers Ballarat Winter Festival
Host Nellie, with our Frolic Cabaret performers taking the stage for a bow!

Frolic Cabaret at Ballarat Winter Festival wrap up!

That’s a wrap! Frolic’s debut onto the Ballarat Winter Festival program of events has been a hit.

Last night Ballarat’s talented performers wowed a packed house at the Printer’s Room for our last weekend of Frolic Cabaret. From drag kings and queens to burlesque and songs we were thoroughly entertained. Even tonsillitis couldn’t stop the fabulous Nellie Minelli who was, as always, a confident, funny, engaging and clever host.

Frolic Festival Volunteer at Frolic Cabaret

Glamorous Frolic Volunteer ‘Maxine’ showed audience members to their seats with a real touch of class!

The show…

With every performer stunning in their own right; highlights included Katherine Gale’s pure and melodic voice that could warm even the coldest of nights, the captivating, surprise talent of Jack Height who clearly belongs on the stage, and Nathan’s sassy rendition of ‘The Masochism Tango’ with added audience member participation!

Frolic Cabaret Nathan Hollingworth

Nathan Hollingworth singing with his human microphone stand.. before the riding crop came out!

Perhaps our most accomplished performer of the night, with more notches under her belt than there is room to list, Maureen, had the audience in stitches with her Bette Midler impersonation. At the other end of the scale, emerging artist Lil’ Jul shared his eclectic combination of original instrumentals, singing and rap.

Ballarat’s drag queens, Elektra Lite and Luxe could give any of the RuPaul girls a run for their money. Luxe’s unforgettable, hilarious, Tracy Grimshaw/Mr G mashup performance ‘Ecstacy’ was a clear crowd favourite. Not to be outdone by the queens, a drag king performance by Kara Chameleon had us all wanting to jump out of our seats and join their air guitar ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ set.

Frolic Cabaret Elektra Lite Drag Queen

Drag Queen Elektra Lite wrapped up the show on a high with the audience clapping along to ‘This is me’ by Keala Settle and the Greatest Showman Ensemble

Our burlesque girls really showed how it’s done with a truly wonderful display of talent. From the cheeky ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ performance of Lady Eleanora, the moving ‘Sound of Silence’ by Anna Phalaxis, to the downright sexy ‘If I was your Vampire’ performed by Minnie Mayhem – complete with True Blood style gore.

Frolic Cabaret Ballarat Winter Festival Minnie Mayhem

Minnie Mayhem before she and her victim got a little bloody.

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Should we do Ballarat Winter Festival again? What do you think?

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