Drag King Frolic Volunteer
Evelyn, Frolic Volunteer, dressed as a drag king

Meet Evelyn, a new Frolic volunteer

Frolic Volunteer Profile – Evelyn

Evelyn is a recent arrival to Ballarat and we’re so glad she chose Ballarat when deciding to escape Brisbane (though we understand it’s been quite the adjustment temperature-wise!). Already jumping in to help out as a Frolic volunteer you may have met her during the Ballarat Heritage Weekend where she warmly welcomed people to the queer history exhibition and made sure they left with a Frolic Festival Save the Date flyer in their hand.

Get to know Evelyn a little bit more by reading her interview below!

Drag King Frolic Volunteer

Evelyn, Frolic Volunteer, dressed as a drag king

Preferred first name: Evelyn
Pronouns: She
How do you identify on the LGBTIQA+ spectrum? Queer

Describe yourself in 25 words or less:
Ailurophile, Philosopher, Academic, Drag King, Artist, Stand up Comic, Author, Human Rights Activist, Antifascist, Velocipede Enthusiast, Social Justice Supporter, & Shero (female hero) Plangonologist.

How did you become involved in Frolic?
A friend sent me a link to the website before I moved to Ballarat.

What attracted you to becoming involved?
It was a mix of the familiar & the new. I was a new resident & I was familiar with the tasks involved in an arts festival because in Brisbane I had been a queer feminist activist, cabaret producer, festival volunteer, artist, drag king, writer for the queer press, & a performance artist.

What do you love about Frolic?
I love watching a young festival grow & blossom over the years.

What do you hope for Frolic’s future?
More people will become aware of the events & more people in the community will offer feedback & suggestions so the festival can fulfil the needs of the local community.

What are you looking forward to most at this year’s festival?
Meeting local people, helping events run smoothly, being behind the scenes supporting the artists, performers, & organisers.

Pitch a fantasy event for Frolic in the future:
Pet Parade (this was always the highlight of the Brisbane LGBTIQA Pride Festival Fair Day) with prizes for best costumes, best hair, best tricks, etc. [editors note: great idea! We’ll refer this to our festival working group to explore!]

Outside of Frolic, what are you most passionate about?
Returning to postgraduate study, & doing my PhD in Victoria.

Tell us about your relationship with Ballarat:
I moved to Ballarat at the very end of 2018 with my cat, bike, books, & female action figures.  I plan to study & continue to publish, exhibit, & perform. But first I needed some solitude & privacy as I established my new home. Volunteering with the local queer festival is my compromise between returning to a public career & enjoying anonymity.

What do you love about Ballarat?
It is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city, yet a quiet, & peaceful, country town. The people are kind, friendly, & helpful.  The architecture is gorgeous. The art galleries are exciting. It’s just an hour & ten minutes away from Melbourne, where I have many friends. My cat loves having his own backyard!

If you want to volunteer with Frolic Festival visit: https://frolicfestival.org/volunteer/


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