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Introducing the wonderful Sarah!

Sarah is a talented artist and Ballarat local who got involved with Frolic after entering the Art Show last year (she also took out the Frolic Committee Art Prize!). Sarah is working with Renee to help coordinate our wonderful volunteers during the festival and is also part of the Art Show working group this year.…

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Meet the other Jay in our next Frolic Volunteer profile!

Jay is the next volunteer we are profiling as part of our Frolic Festival profiles. No, you’re not seeing a double post! This is the OTHER Jay that volunteers with Frolic. Jay joined the Frolic Volunteers just before last year’s festival and is on our Art Show Working Group. Read our interview with her below.…

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Meet Jay in our next Frolic Volunteer profile!

Jay Morrison Frolic

Jay is the next volunteer we are profiling as part of our Frolic Festival profiles. Jay joined Frolic the beginning of last year and sits on our Committee of Management. Read our interview with him below. Preferred first name: Jay Pronouns: He, his How do you identify? Gay and queer Your role: Director of Media and Communications What…

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Meet Max, Frolic volunteer

Volunteer Max

Frolic Volunteer Profile – Max Max (and Maxene!) are an absolute delight and unmissable whether down the street, at an event, or in a parade. Max joined us earlier this year after attending one of our Frolic Volunteer information sessions. Always an ideas man, he keeps us on our toes with the grandiose ideas he…

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Meet Evelyn, a new Frolic volunteer

Drag King Frolic Volunteer

Frolic Volunteer Profile – Evelyn Evelyn is a recent arrival to Ballarat and we’re so glad she chose Ballarat when deciding to escape Brisbane (though we understand it’s been quite the adjustment temperature-wise!). Already jumping in to help out as a Frolic volunteer you may have met her during the Ballarat Heritage Weekend where she…

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Benjamin Ashe is our Festival Director – say hi!

Benjamin Ashe

Meet Ben/Benji/Benjamin Ashe, the next volunteer we’re profiling as part of our Frolic Festival profiles. Ben is one of the founders of the Frolic Festival, the Festival Director, and sits on our Committee of Management. Preferred first name: Ben/Benji/Benjamin Ashe – I really don’t mind! Pronouns: He, They Your role: Festival Director What does that involve? I work with…

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Meet Sarah, one of our Frolic Volunteers

Sarah Frolic Volunteer

Volunteers are so important to our festival. Without our Frolic volunteers, we have no festival. But who are our volunteers? What do they do? Well, meet Sarah, one of our Ballarat volunteers in our first Frolic profile. Sarah helps out with our sponsorship, marketing and promotions working group, has performed at our events in the…

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Want to volunteer with Frolic?

Do you want to volunteer with Frolic? Maybe you made a new year’s resolution to try new things? Maybe you’ve sat on the sidelines & thought about putting your hand up? Well now is the time to speak up! If you’re interested send us a message – we can talk about what you’re keen on…

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