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Benjamin Ashe is our Festival Co-Director – say hi!

Benjamin Ashe

Meet Ben/Benji/Benjamin Ashe, the next volunteer we’re profiling as part of our Frolic Festival profiles. Ben is one of the founders of the Frolic Festival, the Festival Co-Director, and sits on our Committee of Management. Preferred first name: Ben/Benji/Benjamin Ashe – I really don’t mind! Pronouns: He, They Your role: Festival Co-Director What does that involve? I work with…

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Meet Sarah, one of our Frolic Volunteers

Sarah Frolic Volunteer

Volunteers are so important to our festival. Without our Frolic volunteers, we have no festival. But who are our volunteers? What do they do? Well, meet Sarah, one of our Ballarat volunteers in our first Frolic profile. Sarah helps out with our sponsorship, marketing and promotions working group, has performed at our events in the…

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